Фабрика Bec Brittain

Bec Brittain founded her studio in Brooklyn in 2011, designing and producing the critically-acclaimed SHY light.The studio moved to Manhattan in 2016, and after a renovation, her adjacent showroom reopened in March, 2017. Bec, who is entirely self-taught, designs and engineers all her products, which are the expressions of her own ideas, rather than being market-driven. All her designs are made in New York, using a variety of techniques and a network of local fabricators and artisans, and every piece is assembled by hand in the studio under Bec’s supervision. Bec prefers to run a small-scale studio – crossover and cooperation insure that everyone has a role in everything, creating a strong and tight-knit team. For Bec, this hands-on method is equally effective for projects both small and large, and for both production pieces and custom projects. While Bec deliberately chooses not to have a large company, her studio has the expertise and experience to execute projects at many scales, including large, site-specific commissions.
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